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12 Apr 2017 - Working with Threat and Emotions in Push Hands and in Your Daily Life
This is the feedback that I got on my recent trip to teach an intensive tai chi weekend in Arlington, Virginia: "If you haven’t had the chance to study tai chi with Sherry Kent, we, the tai chi teaching team of Northern Virginia, highly recommend it. Sherry spent a beautiful Fall day with us working sword form, fencing, and push hands. She held nine individual consultations with all who asked for them, worked with us again on sword and fencing and push hands before our Monday classes, and taught our advanced class that evening. Her teaching was extraordinary. One new apprentice put it best: “Sherry takes the deepest, most advanced material and makes it simple. The way she teaches, everyone can experience it.” If you’ve heard all the words before—“move from the dantien,” “listen to your partner,” “sink under the sword"—but struggled to find them in your body and practice, Sherry can show you how and help you do it. Far from being “the sage on the stage,” Sherry’s openness as a fellow student on the way, if farther along, is the beating heart of how she inspires. Don’t miss out on it!" Peter Schwartz, Arlington, VA, USA
Geplaatst op 27 Oct 2014 door Sherry

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